I'm in the process of changing this webpage around, streamlining it, and making it more sexy..... but in the meantime LAKES 7" and FLESH WORLD 7"s are at the plant. Test presses are expected in the next week or so and once a firm release date is established i'll post the appropriate links etc. 

RULE OF THIRDS are in the studio at the moment recording their debut LP. This should be out around August alongside a national tour. 

GRONG GRONG are in the final stages of mixing for a 7" to be released around june. This will be their first vinyl release since 1986.....!

THEE NODES / GENTLEMEN tour is 95% booked and will be fully revealed late May. 

The next tour will be for 2 exciting bands from the USA in July.... keep your ear to the ground for more info. 

The distro is still going strong. As always thanks for the support, it is greatly appreciated!






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